Tire Tread & Pressure Check

17 Apr

Tire Tread & Pressure Check

Under- or over-inflation of tires can: cause uneven tread wear weaken your tires reduce traction impact gas mileage reduce the number of miles you get out of your tires   Eventually, you could have inconvenient flats or even dangerous blowouts. Over-inflation means the weight of your vehicle is not distributed evenly across the entire tread but is instead concentrated on a thin strip in the...

17 Apr

Severe Driving Conditions

Most vehicle manuals recommend that you service your vehicle more frequently if you drive in "severe" conditions. Most drivers are surprised at what counts for severe driving. In fact, for most drivers, "normal" driving habits are actually "severe"!   "Severe" driving conditions include one or more of the following: driving in stop and go traffic driving in extremely hot or cold temperatures driving at prolonged...

15 Apr

Knowlege is Power

Learn what you can do to help maintain your vehicle's longevity and value in between your visits to Auto Plaza┬«.   Car Maintenance Checklist The best way to keep your vehicle healthy is to keep it clean and lubricated. Maintenance "musts" include changing filters and oil on a regular basis. These basics are the most important part of any maintenance regime and they're also relatively...

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